Step outside the box. Hair design by: April Artistic color by: Ellen

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Coming Soon to the Underground Station! #theundergroundstationnewalbany #undergroundclassiccuts

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Sounds of live music fill the air from an outdoor concert on a warm Friday evening alongside fashionably dressed couples strolling through a downtown on their way meet up with friends for dinner and drinks.  On the next block the smell of curry, onions and spices wafts through the air in front of you along with the laughter of celebration after a few too many samplings of the latest craft brews.  At this point the image in your mind’s eye might be the last time you had a night on the town in a large city such as Chicago or New York or even Paris, but this is actually the downtown of a small Southern Indiana city (population 36,670) that was saved by its many old buildings and young people.

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